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Metal Roof The best choose for extreme durability

Metal roofs are gaining in popularity in the United States for numerous reasons. Find out the top six reasons why homeowners are selecting metal roofs. 

Top Six Reasons to Choose a Metal Roof

1. Durability

One of the biggest selling points of metal roofs is its extreme durability. The material itself provides a large amount of protection. Additionally, we use 29-gauge screw-down roof panels. These create strong barriers against anything mother nature brings its way.

2. Beauty

Metal roofs provide a unique and stunning look to any house. There are numerous colors to choose from meaning you can create your dream roof. These panels can be custom fit to any house size for a seamless roof.

3. Lifespan

A metal roof that is built properly will last decades. The average metal roof lasts 45 to 50 years. Therefore, even if it costs more upfront its long lifespan ensures you pay less money in the long run.

4. Energy-Efficiency

Metal roofs are very energy-efficient and homeowners with a metal roof benefit from lower power bills. This is because metal panels release absorbed heat from the sun quicker than asphalt panels. The Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) of metal roof panels is higher than all other roofing materials. Therefore, that results in lower power bills throughout the year, even in winter and summer.

5. Eco-Friendly

Not to be confused with the energy-efficiency point above, metal roofs are also very eco-friendly. So, not only do they save you money on your power bills through energy efficiency, but they are better for the environment. Most metal roofs are made from steel, aluminum, and/or copper, all of which are among the most recyclable materials available. Plus, it’s finally time for a roof’s removal, a metal roof is 100% recyclable.

6.Low Maintenance

While you should always have help and a very steady ladder, cleaning a metal roof is much easier than an asphalt roof. This means you can easily keep your roof looking like new.

Davis Bros. Roofing Your Best Choice for a Metal Roof Installer

At Davis Bros. Roofing, we only choose the highest quality metal panels for our residential roofing clients. We also will always install it using the best techniques to ensure optimal durability and longevity. 

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