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Coatings Roofs It has many benefits for your business roof.

When you invest in a new roof in your business, you want it to hold up as long as possible. Or maybe you have a current roof you want to improve its longevity. Either way, a coating on a commercial roof aid in its protection over the years. A coating protects commercial roofs from UV rays, harmful weather conditions, reduces strain on HVAC systems, improves roof’s aesthetics, and even improves fire resistance of the roof system. 

As you can see from the benefits, coatings on commercial roofing is a great way to protect your businesses’ roof and grow that investment.

Three Major Types of Coatings for Commercial Roofs

There are three major types of roof coatings. Those are:

  1. Acrylic roof coating
  2. Polyurethane coatings
  3. Silicone coatings

An acrylic coating is best for a location with high UV exposure, such as the South. While this coating comes in various colors, it is typically sold as white, tan, or gray. 

If you need a roof with a high abrasion resistance, then a polyurethane coating is a great option for you. That means this roof holds up well against hail. 

Finally, another type of coating 

Silicone coatings are also great for places with high UV exposure, but also is ideal for areas with a lot of rain that cause ponding water on the roof. 

Silicone roof coatings, like acrylics, are suitable for high-UV environments because it reflects the sun’s rays. A silicone roof coating is used in areas where rain comes daily, and the roofs are often wet and have ponding water.

Elastomeric Roof Coating

One specific roof coating subtype is an elastomeric roof coating. This is usually made from acrylic or silicone. This coating spray cures into a flexible rubber membrane. It is a great choice for metal roofs.

Roof Coatings Protect Your Commercial Roof

At Davis Bros. Roofing, we want your businesses roof to withstand all the elements and last for years to come. That is why we often recommend one of the above coatings for your commercial roof. Whether you are building a new roof for your business or want to further protect your current roof, we can help you by applying coatings. Call us today at (423) 357-7190 to discuss your businesses roofing needs. 

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